Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Swarovski Crystal Products

Swarovski® Crystals are made in Austria and considered to be the finest crystal beads in the world. Swarovski Crystals are available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. For your shopping convenience, the color chart provided reflects Beadseller color code abbreviations. Anytime you shop with Beadseller Beads & Jewelry Supplies, use our on-site search engine for ease in finding the products you need for your jewelry designs. Each Swarovski color is unique and consistently high quality. You can depend upon Swarovski for their top quality and consistency in color and cuts.

Beadseller offers a number of different Swarovski Products including 4mm Crystal Bicone Beads, 6mm Margarita Flower Beads, 6mm Crystal Pearl Beads and 3mm Crystal Chatons.

Crystal bicones come in a variety of sizes making design possibilities endless.

Swarovski provides many different finishes on their crystal bicones.
AB - Aurora Borealis
CAL - Comet Argent Light
DOR - Dorado
GLBL - Glacier Blue
HEM - Hematite
SAT - Satin
METBL - Metallic Blue
METSI - Metallic Silver
TRA - Transmission

These finishes are applied to the top of the crystal.

Then there are other finishes which are applied to the back of the crystal so that you can see the finish through the crystal.

BBL - Bermuda Blue
HEL - Heliotrope
MBL - Meridian Blue
SAG - Sage
SBL - Sky Blue
STS - Star Shine
TAB - Tabac
VL - Vitrail Light
VM - Vitrail Medium
VOL - Volcano

The most popular finishes are AB, SAT, DOR, CAL, HEM, HEL, VL and VM. If you see a crystal that is AB followed by a 2x... this means that the crystal is coated on both sides.
Many of the Swarovski crystal line are available in a wide range of sizes beginning as small as 3mm to in some cases as large as 10mm. Because of the excellent quality and precision cuts and size, creating artisan products is just a matter of combining those different sizes and colors.
Every Swarovski Bead is given a special number. Beadseller offers #5301 Crystal Bicones, #3700 Margarita Flowers, #5810 Crystal Pearls and #1012 Crystal Chatons.

Crystal Chatons are so versatile in creating unique quality designs. Here they are used to accent a beautiful pair of chandelier earrings. These of 3mm Blue Zircon Chatons. Add some crystal bicone drops and you have a gorgeous pair of dress to the nines chandeliers for that perfect black dress affair.

Beadseller offers a huge array of Swarovski colors in the Crystal Bicones. To view what colors we offer - I have created a page displaying the colors we offer.
Whether alone or combined with Semi precious beads or precious gemstones, Swarovski crystals are a perfect with all of your favorite beads.
As I always say, you can never have too many beads and that is true with Swarovski Crystals. Once you try them, you'll be hooked. The huge selection of shapes, sizes and color make this yet another perfect addition to your collected treasures.